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21STHEAVEN: Blake Dion by Armota 21STHEAVEN: Blake Dion by Armota
"Nice to meet you~ I'm Blake Dion, but you..." grabs hand and kisses the top of it gently, "...can just call me Dio."

Blake Dion

|Nick Name|



|Appeared Age|
24 years old

"Let us all have a great time now, yeah?"

Blake takes the many characteristics of wine, he is fun-loving, loves to party and very confidant with himself and his knowledge. He has a caring side as well; although his way of caring can be a little strange, since he is quite the touchy-feely type of guy. Kisses on the cheeks and hands are not far from usual with him. He also loves hugs and not afraid to break boundaries(he doesn't really believe in them). He is also very clingy if he really likes the person.

Although under the beaming outside, Dio can be rude if he doesn't get the things he wants or thinks he deserves. But with his good looks and social skills he usually doesn't have a hard time persuading people to do what he wants. He's not so good with stubborn people though; they annoy and frustrate him.

When alone he is almost like another person, often deep in thought has a serious expression on; unless his lovies come to see him of course~! If he is with very close friends he has this serious and bland expression on normally because he feels he doesn't have to impress them. Impressing people is very important and tiring for him.

Friendly and outgoing, Dio will gladly be there to get a party started~

He also gets very blushy and nervous if somebody with more charm and confidence comes around to show him up. He does not do well with teasing and gets very submissive and pouty with people in higher powers then himself. 

/Main Points/
Spoiled / Loves to have fun / Clingy / Fake / Confident

"Come on now, I'm not that interesting; I would rather talk about you."

Growing up in a rich household and being a very important child, he was spoiled from the very beginning and was very used to getting everything he needed or wanted with a snap of the fingers. Either it be lovers or items, he would always get the best of the best. But along with getting the items he wanted he never truly got the attention he needed oh so badly. 

So the more he grew up the better he become with words and his studies to the point of forgetting what real love was. His parents only cared about social status so he would get their attention by being the best spoiled brat that he could be; and that he was.

As he got into his teens he began to hate his parents more and didn't want to be labeled as their trophy anymore. He kept his social skills but kept to himself and secluded himself more in his room so he could learn about his magic and he would sneak out regularly. This started his partying adventures. On his own he became extremely well known with all his peers and soon he was seen by everybody; except for the ones that mattered of course.

After moving out and a little later on he became very powerful and was known as the man to know around his parts. Many years pasted, and now his place going to ruin before his eyes, he joined forces with a couple friends and started his new journey in the human world.

|Immortal Spirit| 

As a god, his duty is to watch over the fields and grow and bring prosperity to grapes and make beautiful wine. But the more people that followed him for his money or wine, the more people began to obsess over him. There was forming of cults; ones he has a hard time even controlling. Most people that followed him became a part of the cults and soon there wasn't many people around him that he could even rely on; but it did make taking over easier.

Blake will appeal himself to anybody, especially if they are higher up.

(based on rps; updates frequently)

Arry: "Hes a great friend and fun to challenge (although i lose to him most of the time), he doesnt get a lot of my advances but maybe thats for the best~ he is also pretty damn hilarious when hes drunk, even though he loves to fight. We love to go out and get sweets together... well he buys them for me usually..............hes hot with a shirt off..."

Avion: "Funny how we met, but we opened up to each other right away and hes hilarious and a fun guy to be around; great energy (plus i might get a job at the vineyard because of him and learn something about technology)!"

Thoth: "He is sweet and very smart, he is very busy though and i admire him and his knowledge~ Hes a good friend!"

"What else could I help you with?"

The nasty scar on his right eye was caused from a bar he went to once and he got caught up in a bar fight. He beat the guy, but almost ended up blind in that eye because of a broken bottle.
There is a scar also under the band-aid on his nose; he refuses to tell anybody how he got it and gets blushy and angry if they pressure him about it.
He also has many piercings because he wanted to piss off his parents: it worked.
even though he teases people is really touchy-feely he never has actually 'done it' before with anybody

|Coin Stash| 


|Items Owned|

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